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An app can also listen to reboot or start services, and therefore launches itself when you reboot your phone. Your Note may be sluggish gradually. Only check this immediately after rebooting. Is the slowness problem in your Galaxy Note solved? Hello again, Good news! Anyone experiencing the same problems should do a factory reset without a second though. Yes, it is recommended to reset the phone after a major update. You may also reboot the phone into recovery mode and clear the cache partition to clean the reset of leftovers.

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  • To sum up, if you feel your Galaxy Note is getting slower after the Jelly Bean update, you may try:.

Actually, if you can fork a bit more, Note 2 performs far better 2GB ram really makes the difference; partition layout is more modern. It became simply unusable: I am doing the factory reset now, and I have already bought a new original battery. I will post again in one or two weeks, as soon I can have a formed opinion. Hi… I wanted to ask tht can ve update our galaxy note to android 4.

Samsung will not release the kitkat update for the original Galaxy Note. Note 2 will get the update this year, maybe in a few months. If you use any other unofficial roms, you will very likely lose s pen related functions. Unable to complete operation due to low memory problem when trying to upload photos to social networking site facebook. Then try again. It should not have any issues to upload photos to facebook. I have run seriously low on the memory space available.. I see a log folder which has over 2.

Recent Software Update (Samsung Galaxy S2) - Prob - Telstra Crowdsupport -

GB of data.. Hi i am using Samsung Galaxy Note 1 from may Last 3 months i am using jelly bean. Last two days i am unable to charge my mobile. Please advise is the problem is due to charger or charging pin in the mobile device or battery or the jelly bean software. If you used the phone heavily charge once or more each day , you probably can consider to get a new battery.

Had my phone 2 years, fantastic, best phone i ever had. After upgrade, phone lasts about 5 hours, no good for work as battery runs out. Calls drop out, some times disconects before it connects, can take minutes to try and place a call, when its bad i give up.

App selection, select g-mail and get lottery, or e-bay, useless. Note, what a complete waste of time this is now, used it all night before as a note pad, now takes minutes to even start, or just freeze, or nothing happens. The best fix i found along with two fellow workers, throw in nearest bin and buy a Nokia lumia. At least this works. Given up with Samsung phones now.

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Hello sir.. Based on product cycle, probably it is not a good idea to get the N now. In most regions, the price of Note 2 is already decreasing. If budget allows, get a Note 2.

Samsung rolls out Android 2.3.6 for Galaxy Ace S5830 in India

The bottom line is to get a phone with more than 1. From my end I would tell u nt to buy note.

Its vompletely outdated, from my suggestion wait fr another 2 months or so ull get s3 in this price. Maybe not as smooth as ICS. But it is acceptable for most users.

Update Galaxy S2 GT I9100 with Official Indian ICS 4.0.3 Firmware

You get some nice features, especially Google Now. Anyway, if you feel the phone is just right, you can skip the upgrade. But if you want to try new things in JB, you can upgrade there is no simple way to roll back to ICS once upgraded. Hello, I have been using galaxy note since November Earlier there was no problem. But now adays, my mobile charger is disconnected automatically with a tone although my charger and cable is ok. Then I brought it to my nearest samsung service center. They completely updated my mobile and the problem was solved.

But after few days, i faced the same problem as soon as i downloaded some applications from play store and also i used PAN drive via cable. But my charger is working randomly at present. I do know what is the actual reason. Downloading was done via WiFi connection. So, Plz kindly give me a solution. DEAR ikhtisar, There is a base problem in all galaxy note manufactured, the charging unit needs to get replaced, go to the service centre they will change the charging unit, tell them that you phone has auto charging problem, i have already replaced it twice free of cost as my phone was under warranty.

Hopefully the same problem is with yours. A good advice for all the galaxy note owners please try to sell of your phone asap cause samsung has slashed the prices to hell, right now in india galaxy note 1 is availaible at only, via online websites like flipkart and so on.

I9100 vs I9100G !!!!

I have received small software update 2. It is probably for some bug fixes specially for your region.

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It is recommended to apply such updates. The customer service seems to be very reluctant in predicting any date. The update is based on the origin of the phone. You have to wait for the update for Sweden although you are in India now. Dear friends, I have found a solution for the battery prob…most of the users over here are using note 1 for more than one year, and then upgraded to jelly bean aka 4.

And shift to a new original battery as the battery u ppl are using is 2 year old nd is almost bout to die, my phone was hanging like hell even aftr factory reset…. I hope that on 4. Guys trust me…. Did a factory reset and disabled apps.. I have done this before but its not working. The best way to test the ram is to the RAM immediately after rebooting your phone.

A few official firmwares also happened to leak out, adding to the excitement. Go ahead and try this guide out, to experience Android 4. And keep watching this space for more handy Android guides. Home Android Nokia Samsung News smartphones. You are here: Samsung USB drivers. You should also see the COM port box at the extreme left turn yellow.

This means that Odin has detected your SGS2. Now make the following selections in Odin. Pay special attention to make sure that the selections are exactly as mentioned below Important!