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I may try the Gmail app. I can't even get the default app to authenticate to get to the outgoing settings I've also tried the SSL accept all certificates setting and no luck there either. AZgl Android Expert. Feb 3, 6, 3, Male Retired and loving it. Oklahoma grasslands. I tried Yahoo's android app and IMO it stinks.

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I am using Blue Mail and a whole lot happier. I also have unlimited filters, folders, etc Works just like a desktop application and fast. The craziest thing is my wife has a Yahoo account and it synced just fine with the default email app on her S5 with the same settings I am trying to use. Any ideas?

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  • Yahoo! Mail Log In Failed Error in Galaxy S3.
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The Samsung Galaxy S5 was announced in and was the company's first flagship of the year. If I put my phone on vibrate it often disturbs me at night. Sorry to bombard you with issues but these 3 things are really frustrating and I cannot work out how to sort any of them out.

Hi Laura. These are solutions usually recommended for users having issues right after a major operating system update. You can refer to this previous post if you have no idea where to start. I have installed Lollipop 5.

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If I switch off Wi-Fi and use data then the emails download no problem. I have switched off the option to switch between Wi-Fi and data. In order to help you effectively, we need to know about a few things including:. If your suspect that third party apps may be causing the problem, you can also boot the phone in safe mode.

If you are one of the users who encounters a problem with your device, let us know. When describing your issue, please be as detailed as possible so we can easily pinpoint a relevant solution.

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If you can, kindly include the exact error messages you are getting to give us an idea where to start. This just starting happening in the last week.

Setup Yahoo Mail account on Samsung mobile phones

I have reset my phone. I have deleted the mail accounts and set them up again as new and am still having the same issue. Restarted my Samsung Galixy 5 last evening as I do every couple of weeks and typed in my new password but I cannot reply to my incoming emails. It says it is loading messages. It is so very frustrating. What is the problem. I want to be able to reply to an email quickly.

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When I try to reply it says it is saving it a draft. Please help me. I have the same problem as Andrew …loading messages keeps coming up on Galaxy S5…will not let me replay to emails. What to do??? On my Galaxy S5, I cannot reply to some messages. When it stops, I can type a reply, but when I push send, I get the same message, but it will not send.

Nor can I save the message and reply. I have the Samsung Galaxy S5. I have always used my email using the app that came with the phone. I can receive emails but all of a sudden I cannot respond to them. I have taken the battery out, deleted the email account and put it in again and cleared the cache but nothing seems to work.

Your thoughts?

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I have been using the corporate app for at least 4 years and now inexplicably, I can no longer reply to MS Exchange messages. Please advise. My step-father has a Galaxy 5 and is getting a whole bunch of emails from my personal account on gmail. Everything I do on my computer is going to his phone! How is this happening and what can we do to fix it? He is very aggravated about it.

Press the drop down list below "Security type". Press None. Enter incoming port. Press the field below "Port" and key in Turn deletion of email messages on server on or off. Press the drop down list below "Delete email from server". Press Never or When deleted from Inbox. Enter outgoing server. Key in the name or IP address of your email provider's outgoing server.

How to Set up Yahoo Mail account on Samsung mobile?

Please note that if you can't send email messages when using your email provider's outgoing server, key in smtp. Turn off encryption of outgoing email messages. Enter outgoing port. Turn SMTP authentication on or off. Press Require sign-in to turn the function on or off. Please note that if you're using Vodafone's outgoing server, turn off SMTP authentication and leave the username and password fields empty. If you turn on SMTP authentication: Press the field below "User name" and key in your username for your email provider's outgoing server.

Press the field below "Password" and key in your password for your email provider's outgoing server. Select settings for retrieval of new email messages. Press the drop down list below "Sync schedule". Press Manual or the required period. Press the drop down list below "Peak schedule". Turn email message synchronisation on or off. Press Sync Email to turn the function on or off. Turn email message notification on or off.

Press Notify me when email arrives to turn the function on or off. Enter email account name. Press the field below "Give this account a name Optional " and key in the required name. Enter sender name. Press the field below "Your name Displayed on outgoing messages " and key in the required sender name. Finish setup. Press Done.