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There are real world instruments found on the app for you to use at the touch of your screen. Even if you are a novice, this app can make your music mixing experience something to be proud of. If you want to mix music without having to spend a lot of time practicing, then Edjing DJ Music Mixer Studio is the one for you.

Best software for Mashup makers

This great app makes sound mixing a cinch without much of a hassle. It also has an easy-to-use interface and many very useful features. You can loop, echo, scratch and flanger. You can even share the tracks you have mixed with your friends. This app has awesome controls such as loops, effects and crossfaders, among others. There is also a very useful tool that helps you check out how the mixes and beats you are creating matchup. The overlaying soundwaves feature is very helpful in case you are unsure of what you are hearing. With over million downloads, VirtualDJ Home is a must have app for music lovers.


This application is great for those just starting out. You can use some pretty awesome effects that are free.

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Extra features will cost you extra though, as it is with most free apps. Apple users who want a shot at mixing tunes, can enjoy all of the great features that Studio. HD app has to offer. The app lets you record 24 tracks of audio. You can loop, mix, add effects and edit them according to your preferences. The edit feature has numerous options such as slicing, stretching, copying, cropping and pasting your tunes. There is one drawback to this app though and that is the price. But if you love mixing music, this application is well worth it.

7 Great Music Apps For Mixing Music

There is pitch changing feature that you will love. You can also loop and change the beats per minute on tunes as well. Although the app is free, the paid version has 15 sound effects and other cool features. In aggregate, the app is highly unique in nature and provides a service that other apps have not yet been able to replicate.

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However, as the Infinite Music does automate a significant part of its services, the degree to which the algorithm is able to effectively merge several songs together in a way that is smooth is entirely subjective. This can occur if the app deems that two songs have similar rhythms to combine but the user may regard the songs as quite different.

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  • 2. Flow DJ software for Harmonic Mixing!

Overall, this issue is one that can arise but is a direct result of process automation, although it is a subjective issue based on individual preference. To combine existing songs to form unique remixes, Infinite Music is a perfect solution for automatically creating new mashups to rediscover old tracks.

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The 100 Best Music Making Apps: Best Remix Apps

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  • 1. Mixed In Key software for DJs.

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